Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big and Small

Just finished a few more Reaper Bones models for my "swamp" themed Dragon Rampant warband. I reckon I could run the big guy at the back as a single model Elite Infantry (6 point) unit. The three lizards could be run as a unit of heavy infantry (4 point), not sure about the two snakes. The medusa fig is pretty cool - maybe she should be a lone shooter model unit (4 point)?

Unable to find any Dullcote in Edmonton last weekend, I picked up a bottle of "matte" Rustoleum varnish. Guess what? It's not very matt - more like satin. But I suppose that's okay for reptiles.

I also did some "small" stuff - these are GHQ 6mm Soviet infantry for the next Team Yankee scenario I plan to run at the club. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Goths, Soviets, and Kobolds!

Over the past couple of weeks I worked up a variety of stuff - first we have 4 units of 10mm Gothic infantry who can represent any late Dark Age infantry or perhaps militia of Rohan. Figs are by Magister Militum I think:

I also worked up a dozen kobolds for a reptilian-themed Dragon Rampant warband that I plan to do using the box of Reaper Bones figs I bought in the kickstarter some time ago. These aren't bad - a bit comical but they paint up easily enough.


Then finally a bunch of Soviet modern microarmour for my next Team Yankee game - this is the remainder of a lot I obtained in a swap after stripping and repainting. There are assorted artillery (the monstrous 2S19 152mm howitzer Msta in the background!), IFVs, and modified IFVs.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Valiant early war Brits

Painted these guys for a Crete scenario I will host at the club next week. I'm a fan of the Valiant figures. These guys will represent the defenders of the Heraklion airfield versus the Valiant paras I have worked on over the last couple of months.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

More 10mm middle earth - Rohan this time

These are a variety of 10mm eastern cavalry ranges I picked up on TMP - I think they are Magister Militum - that look a bit like Rohan knights to me. Soo ...  that's what I painted them as. I based them charging in a wedge formation accordingly. Nice figs!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

10mm Middle Earth

Not a lot of production this month since I have been doing some travelling for work. However I did finish a few stands of delightful Pendraken 10mm fantasy stuff. They have published a very good mass battle ruleset called Warband that I would like to try using my Battle of 5 Armies troops and some additional stuff from their fantasy range.

I just completed stands of wizards, wolf-riders, ogres, command and spiders. I also used a micro dice frame on the base as a way to track hits.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day ... and some more fallschirmjaegar and a glider

Continuing to turn out Valiant fallschirmjaeger, this time with support weapons, and also an Italeri 1/72 Waco glider model. I butchered this - broke the hinges off the cockpit (so I just glued it on - won't open now), made a mess of the invasion stripes when I overthinned the white paint and it ran under the masking tape, and didn't bother with all the fiddly little bits for rigging and the tow lug (which I dropped in the carpet and lost anyway). Soooo... this is a wargaming piece best viewed from 3+ feet!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Valiant fallschirmjaeger and a 1/48 Ba-64

This week we have some more fallschirmjaeger by Valiant - oversize 1/72 models.

 I also completed a nice little 1/48 Ba-64 Soviet armoured car kit by Tamiya. This was another Christmas gift and I wonder whether actual mixes with Valiant 1/72... I was planning on using these fallschirmjaeger for Bolt Action with Scott facing his 28mm French - my guys will be undersized but perhaps not ridiculously. Of course I won't use the Soviet armoured car but I was thinking about picking up another 1/48 kit perhaps a panzer II or a 222 to give my guys some light armored support.

 This photo compares a Valiant 1/72 and a metal RAFM 20mm fallschirmjaeger - the Valiant is much bigger - perhaps true 25mm scale with oversized heads. But he is almost comparable to the 1/48 crewman in the Ba-64.

If anyone out there has an opinion,

What do you think of the Valiant range?
Can one get away with using them on the same table - perhaps not in the same unit or same side - with 28s?